National Films 2013

Survival in Prison

Yee Nan Theik/ Docu / Myanmar / 2013 / 59 mins / Myanmar

For his student activism and political activities in 1999, San Zaw Htway was jailed for36 years. This film documents his life, hunger protests he staged for the rights of the people in jail, how he took up drawing with any available materials in order to ignore the jail’s suffocation, and how he becomes an artist after 12 years in jail and his family life.

A Simple Wish

Thet Oo Maung / Short / Myanmar / 2013 / 9 mins / Myanmar

Nwe Ni Khine cannot walk very well due to a nerve condition from thebirth. She also was not able to obtain an education like others,having passed her life helping with the household chores the best shecan. Due to a turn in her life event, she was able to start studying at the age of 17 and is now enrolled in the first grader class.

Aung Lay

Moses MARKS / Short / Singapore / 2013 / 13 mins / Myanmar

In a small town in the countryside, on the day of exam result announcement, Yadana, who passes, is comforting her boyfriend Aung Lay who fails the exam. Then, their teacher appears and encourages Aung Lay not to give up and urges him to come to him overtime and study the subjects he is weak at. On his second year, Aung Lay passes with distinctions and goes to his teacher to share the good news. Then, he is faced with an event that will change his life. The film is based on a true story.

Go Home

Maung Aye Chan / Docu / Norway / 2012 / 44 min / Myanmar and Thailand

The Burmese people fled their country to neighbouring Thailand to be able to celebrate humanity within their culture, customs and spiritual beliefs – even in the midst of their undocumented lives in the squalor of the rubbish dumps.

In Thailand, they live in and rely upon rubbish dumps for their survival and to avoid being captured by Thai police.

Still in the Dark

Aung Zaw Moe / Short / Myanmar / 2013 / 8 min

A young graduate goes by with his small salaries. One day, when a phone and a car that he wishes for come into his hands ...

White and Green

Myanmar Treasure Media / Short / Myanmar / 2013 / 4 min

He is only 13 years old but has to be working at a tea shop, sadly looking at the others going to school in white and green uniforms. Unable to rein in his desire to go to school, he ends up running after the students to see what a school is like.

Pay back

Kyaw Thu Min Naing / Docu / Myanmar / 2013 / 22 min

When talked about human rights, most people tend to think and talk about their wants and needs first. The film reminds that one must also return the rights of others in turn in a society.

The Candle

Naung Myintmo / Short / Myanmar / 2013 / 6 min

A young man receives a gift from his girlfriend and he happily opens the gift parcel. There is an electric candle and he is overcome with joy. He plugs in the candle and the little red candles emits a lovely yellow light, which he enjoys watching. Then a blackout occurs and there is no more light on the candle.

U Myint Oo: An Experiment in Democracy

Lin Sun Oo / Docu / Myanmar / 2013 / 15 min

In 2012 Myanmar held its first free and fair elections in over 20 years. There were 45 seats open in parliament and elections were held throughout the country. We followed one of the parliamentary candidates in Thanatpin, Bago district throughout the elections. The documentary provides a window into how Myanmar’s nascent democracy has been embraced U Myint Oo- a local NLD candidate- who hopes that the political changes will help improve the lives of the farmers in his township.

Floating Bliss

Maung Maung Tha Myint / Short / Myanmar / 2013 / 5 min

A short film about young adults from different artistic and ethnic backgrounds finding happiness in an unexpected place.

A Story that’s not legendary

Nay Chi / Short / Myanmar / 2013 / 3 min

A true story this film’s director Nay Chi herself encountered back in 2012.

One to Ten

Pa Pa Sunn Kyaw / Short / Myanmar / 2013 / 7 min

In a household of three, a family member accuses and punishes others for a lost item without a valid reason.

Stop Neglecting Our Future

Zaw Ye Myint / Animation / Myanmar / 2013 / 3 min

A kid was bullied and ignored. Sad, he walked along a street and met the Devil in disguised. The Devil supportably offered his happiness and asked him to sign a contract. After signing, the Devil transformed him into a puppet and made him to all sort of labours. Sad and tired, the kid touched one of his shoes which instantly transformed his leg back into flesh. Then he ran away from the Devil. On the way, his teacher and friend hugged him which transformed his body back to normal thus restoring him. The kid participated in a football match and finally wined the trophy!


Maung Sunn / Animation / Myanmar / 2013 / 3 min

Under the name of ‘Rights’, some people ask for their own rights; however, some use that as an opportunity.

The Chess

Swuan Thura Tun / Animation / Myanmar / 2013 / 3 min

Because of the black chess piece that ignores the rules of the game and does what it wishes to do and bullies the others, the white chess pieces, afraid to do anything, have to endure in silence. Hence, the rules of the game become corrupt and even after the rules are restored, all are still afraid to do anything. Only later, the chess pieces regain their courage and slowly reengage in their games.

An Island

Kaung Sint, So Zo Aung / Short / Myanmar / 2013 / 12 min

A bright young man who finished high school with distinctions wants to pursue computer studies but, due to the pressure his money-loving parents puts upon him, he ends up studying medicine abroad. This film shows how he seeks an outlet for his mind.


Ngwe Hlaing Maung Maung Lay / Short / Myanmar / 2013 6 min

In the countless many humanities, there may be countless many gaps and discrepancies in wealth and the natural birthrights. But who would be able to stop all from reaching to their final destination called Death?

With love may you be free of trouble

Ei Ei Khine / short / Myanmar / 2013 / 19 min

Love can be accompanied by selfishness and unreasonable wants that, when reached to the extreme, can unexpectedly hurt the person one loves. Therefore, may all be able to think and reason so as to make one’s love free from faults.

Our Forest Our Future

Zin Myo Sett / Docu / Myanmar / 2009 / 23 min

Since 1995, the Forestry Department has awarded renewable thirty-year community forestry permits to local communities. These permits enable local people to manage and benefit from their forests and protect their legacy for future generations. So far the Forestry Department has handed over 40,900 hectares of land to locals.

In gentle yet heartfelt tones, U Kam Shawng, of Wainemaw Township in Kachin State,describes why his community has decided to put a stop to the systematic depletion of their forests and use their permit to promote sustainable timber farming

Whistle for help

Dr.Rhoda Liton / Docu / Myanmar / 2011 / 19 min

This film follows the development of a small women’s action organizaing committee to form a campaign to stop sexual harassment on the bus in Yangon.

A Biscuit Story

Kaung Sint / short / Myanmar / 2013 / 11 min

Told from the point of view of a box of biscuits. A rich man buys a box of biscuit from the store. He empties out the box without eating its contents and fills it with cash. Then he gives it to a government official as a bribe to be able to operate his business smoothly. A girl at the official’s house thinks it is just an ordinary biscuit box and keeps it in a storage room. Along with the other items received as bribes, that box is resold to a store.