National Films 2014

This Land is Our Land

Sai Kong Kham / Doc / Myanmar / 30 min.

Five farmers struggle to find a foothold as the very ground they stand on changes. A thriving forest in the Dry Zone is confiscated; drought leads to wood-cutting leads to drought as vicious cycle spins in another area; the Ayerwaddy eats away an island village that used to be prosperous; coal mines and landfills replace farmlands and villages in and villages in Tigyit (Shan State). As these farmers grapple with the changes of their land they share their stories, thoughts, worries and hopes

The Glass Man

Wera / Doc / Myanmar / 20 min.

From the depressed and dependent disabled boy, he becomes the one who gives physical and moral support and strength to other disables, who fights for the rights to disables, who wants development in the care of disables, who adores art and philosophy, who explores the world, who volunteers in teaching in the school which changed his view on life, and the one who wants the country to open many disabled schools in the whole country instead of the only school in the whole country.

Rainbow Dream

TunTun Aye / Doc / Myanmar / 20 min

Rainbow Dream feature about struggling lives of gays in Myanmar who are facing discrimination, unwanted look-downs from the society.


May Htoo Cho / Doc / Myanmar / 22 min

Aye Aye Thwe's family make traditional Burmese puppets. She too once had high hopes of becoming a puppeteer, but her life took a detour when she went to find work in Malaysia and soon found herself enslaved


David Kyaw Thet Aung / Doc / Myanmar / 20 min

A short documentary observing some of the people involved in the-often risky-business of gemston eextraction in Myanmar.

Last Kiss

Seng Mai Kinraw / Doc / Myanmar / 25 min

Onetime film director Jaing Chying runs a women's shelter near Kachin Independence Army HQ in Laiza. Every day since civil war resumend between the Myanmar military and the Kachin Independence Organization, she has written and recited a poem, thus giving an unmistakable voice to those caught up in this bitter confilict

Sound Of Silence

Thet Oo Maung / Doc / Myanmar / 25 min

Saw Aye Thein was a soldier. In 1982, he lost both legs from the thigh down while on active duty. He spent 5 years in the military hospital. Upon discharge, he only received very small amount of pensions and compensations. Although not being able to work due to his disabilities, he married to a woman named Khin Win Yee. Although her parents disapproved of their marriage, they were able to build a happy, loving marriage. Khin Win Yee supports her husband for many years and they spend their lives in contentment


Anna Biak Tha Mawi / Doc / Myanmar / 25 min

An encounter with the filmmaker’s uncle, the charismatic commander of the Chin National Front Solomon Thang Ding, that also takes a look at the political reforms that Chin State – Myanmar’s poorest region – is undergoing in the wake of Myanmar’s transition

A Whetstone

Bo Thet Htun / Doc / Myanmar / 25 min

A shabby hut in the squatter camp at the outskirt of a small town… An old knife sharpener man who lives in that hut… A wife who blabbers non-sense all day long… A failing health due to his old age… A dire situation in which his children cannot support them… A future of theirs without a hope… A reality of the lower class…

After a Decade

Ko Thu (Ghost) / Doc / Myanmar / 30 min

A documentary about nine people from NLD Youth who were arrested ten years ago for distributing the 30 points of the Declaration of Human Rights in order to educate and expose these ideas to the public

A Girl on Facebook

Pan Mo Mo Chit, D Nin Bawk Maw / Doc / Myanmar / 10 min

The dream and days of a young girl who is studying abroad

My Daughter

Lai Lai Htway, Khin Zarni, Khin Khin Myat Myo / Doc / Myanmar / 10 min

Struggle and feeling of a young woman who has to take care of household chores and bear the family’s responsibilities


Hnin Nada Aung , Cherry / Doc / Myanmar / 10 min

About a grandma.


Than Htway, May Thet Khing, Su Wah Haling/ Doc / Myanmar / 10 min

Daily life of an unhealthy woman.

The Call for Change

Yee Nan Theik / Doc / Myanmar / 30 min

In 2008, Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar. Right at the same time, the military government rectified the Constitution that they drafted. In 2012, with the partial liberalization, some activists are now trying to voice their opinions about that controversial Constitution. This film attempts to portray the current and changing political situations and the civil society of Myanmar.

Forgiving Sky

M. Noe / Short / Myanmar / 22 min

Six people are trapped in a ruined building, surrounded by a group of hostile people. With their food supplies dwindling and their hope for an escape waning, they must come up with a desperate measure to survive while holding onto what little human dignity that is left in them.


Moses Marks / Short / Myanmar / 7 min

A young girl is walking through a dumpsite looking for bottles to recycle and she finds one that stands out from the rest. Meanwhile, a young boy comes back from school, looking for something unique from the roadside. They don’t have much but they share what they have to express their love and gratitude for each other.With love, caring and just a little bit of creativity, they come up with beauty from ordinary things. This is a simple but heartwarming story between a sister and a brother.


Kaung Sint / Short / Myanmar / 15 min

It’s about a young man who is imprisoned for writing a political blog. It’s a comparison of contrasts between his free life and his imprisoned life.

The Battle

Myo Nyi Nyi Kyaw / Short / Myanmar / 50 min

In a village, the election contest between Daw Kyi and U Myint Swe begins and their battle is presented in the human rights context.


Htet Aung San / Short / Myanmar / 10 min

A portrait of something's sense of being directionless.

An Untold Story

Joses Dennis C. Teodosio / Short / Myanmar / 20 min

“An Untold Story” is an experimental short narrative that fused fiction with facts. It inventively used symbols and metaphors to create gripping layers of meanings and interpretations. In a way, it pays homage to the nameless men and women who vowed and died championing human rights and whose heroic struggles and empowering stories might have been untold, or, worse, forgotten

My Son, You Become a Growth Up

Pyin Nyar Zaya / Short / Myanmar / 5 min

During surviving in our own life, we have to face difficulties, problems. We can learn from these bad experiences for our future life and we can approve our skill, our thinking and our desires to good side.

Our Nights

Ye Min Oo / Animation / Myanmar / 5 min

A house is lighted in a silent serene night. A young man who dozed off in front of his computer slowly raises his head. He looks at the computer screen only to see that it’s still downloading his programs. He is disappointed that his dream and reality are very different. It is now midnight. He patiently waits until 4 o’clock in the morning without leaving a step away from the computer. By 4 o’clock, the internet speed becomes noticeably faster. Just as his downloads are about to complete, the electricity gets cut off. The young man is stunned first, then ends up yelling angrily.

The Seller

Zaw Bo Bo Hein / Animation / Myanmar / 5 min

There is an island rich in natural resources. The owner of that island is a very lazy person who spends his free time drinking somthing presumed to be a liquor. When he has run out of drinks, he starts selling off all the treasures and valuable hardwoods in exchange for the liquor, failing to notice that the valuable resources on the island is slowly depleting. One day, when he wakes up from a drunken slumber.....

Angry Studio

Mg San, Lin Thet Naung, Win Htut, Nadi / Animation / Myanmar / 5 min

Different equipment at a studio put their differences and conflicts aside to work together to successful run their photo studio.


Aung Min Khant, Si Thu Aung Swe / Animation / 5 min

A pencil that gets into a hand of a person can portray what that person desires to express. We can use the pencil called Human Rights to freely gain the rights that belong to all humans.


Gar Gyi / Short / Myanmar / 5 min

A child eagerly asks a man about the country that man spent much of his time in, full of anticipation. But the man really cannot answer anything.

Student Films

Article 18: The Movie

Min Than Oo, Sein Lin, Khin Su Kyi / Doc / Myanmar / 20 min

In 2012, Myanmar’s Reformation Period, Article-18 of the Peaceful Assembly Act was passed. Under that article, a student leader named De Nyein Lin and pro-peace activists named May Sabae Phyu and Phway Yu Mon were unjustly arrested by the government. This film documents how the authority use Article-18 as a weapon to persecute the activists and abuses human rights, and how the people fought back. It covers the events that took place until the early 2014

Bamboo Girl

Lynnsatt Nwe / Doc / Myanmar / 20 min

An 11-year-old girl earns money to support the whole family by hitting bamboos a musical instrument and singing on the street. Her elder sister, who is attending 2nd grade feels ashamed about that job and never follows with the younger sister. When their family faces economic crisis, the girl chooses a way to solve this. Although she knows how education is important to make her dream comes true

The Open Sky

Kyal Yie Lin Six , Lynn Satt New , Phyo Zayar Kyaw / Doc / Myanmar / 20 mins

The film follows a woman who visits her Muslim aunt whose house gets burned down during Meiktila’s ethno-religious conflicts. It documents the aunt’s view of the conflicts, the events that took places, and a Buddhist friend of the aunt’s who helped her in the conflict, and their views on the conflict and towards each other


Pyae Zaw Phyo, Mine Aung Linn Htun , Nway Zar Che Soe / Doc / Myanmar / 24 mins

A Young woman who becomes disabled since childhood. Many hardships she had to overcome. Discriminations she faced. No matter what, She does not give up and leads an effort to create a barrier-free society not just for herself, but also for other disabled people, as well as to eliminate any forms of discrimination. It is about a woman who never gives up and takes her each step with full of strength

No Music is and Island

Aung Myint Myat Cho, Bo Thet Htun, Kaung Sint / Doc / Myanmar / 30 min

It’s about an activist musician in Myanmar.