National Films 2016

Competition for March 13 award

My Life I Don’t Want

Nyan Kyal Say/ Animation/ Myanmar / 2016 / 10 min

My Life I Don’t Want A short animated film about the life of a Myanmar girl inspired by true events.

The Race

Moses Marks / Short/ Myanmar / 2016 /
5 min

This short film is based on the classic children story “The Hare and and the Tortoise”. The race is totally unfair to the tortoise. Instead of giving up or changing any rules, the tortoise creates an opportunity that may change the outcome of the race.

Competition for Min Ko Naing award


Phyo Zayar Kyaw /Short/ Myanmar / 2016/
4 min

If you made some caution for other person.Firstly you should follow your Rule.

His Story/ History

The Creative Playground / Short/ Myanmar / 2016 / 11 min

Although ‘his story/history’ is the second part of a trilogy, it aims to stand on its on. As a short experimental narrative film, ‘his story/history’ mainly relies on video clips culled from the internet to recreate and dramatize the landscape of Myanmar’s saga as a nation, from the reign of the crowned kings, to the British occupation, until the end of the 1988 revolution. The video clips are framed by the sound bytes (or confessions) of a man at the throes of death and enriched by original footages meant to underscore symbols and metaphors. In the end, it sets forth the fact that Myanmar continues to live on --- independently and strongly --- to tell its unfinished story.


Kaung Sint/ Short/ Myanmar / 2016 / 12 min

A sequel to 2014’s short “Enter”. Based on the real life accounts of former political prisoners like Zaganar and San ZawHtway, this film portrays an imprisoned father who receives the news that his wife has given birth to their second child, and the hope that the father holds for himself and his unseen child.


Swam Yaung Ni / Short/ Myanmar / 2016 /
7 min

This short film reimagines a famous legend of the Bagan Dynasty era from a unique point of view, using modern day language

My Brother

The Creative Playground/ Short/ Myanmar / 2016 / 13 min

The sudden death of their beloved father forces two brothers to live and struggle on their own. One keeps his spirit high and hopes for good things to befall upon them. The other is devoured by anger and proposes to take a more drastic move to change their present condition. In the end, they face a moral dilemma that ultimately measures who they are and how they would wish to survive.


Thit Lin/ Short/ Myanmar / 2016 / 4 min

A short film about children whose individualities are suppressed by the strict orders and rules, and a boy who sought to break these bondages.


Sein Lyan Tun / Short/ Myanmar / 2016 /
9 min

A young girl who got domestic abuse, dropped out from school. She faces a moral dilemma when her parents want her to work as a maid. After she found out that she has been trading for human trafficking. Her life is completely changed.

Safety Blank

Gar Gyi / Short/ Myanmar / 2016 / 5 min

During the military rule when there is no concrete rules of laws, every citizen has to take measure in their own hands for their safety. Their constant worries for their uncertain tomorrows are reflected in this film

The Goods

Htut Ye Kyaw / Short/ Myanmar / 2016 /
15 min

About a young orphaned woman who has to live with her aunt. She is sold off as a housemaid and, in turn, is sold off again and again.


Aung Myint Myat Cho / Short/ Myanmar / 2016 / 6 min

A short film about a rural girl’s hope, her educational aspiration and the twists and turns of her life.

The Mask

Nay Min Tin / Short/ Myanmar /2016 / 5 min

This short film ponders on the fanciful and intriguing human nature.

Gender Competition

In the Air

Myat Ei Mon, Min Thiha / Doc / Myanmar / 2016 / 20 min

About Myanmar’s first female commercial pilot.

On the Way

Mai May Sakarwah, Thu Thu Swe Thein / Doc / Myanmar /2016 /20 min

About a struggling housewife and an aspiring female weight lifter.

The Scoop

Nay Chi, Pyae Shine Ko / Doc / Myanmar / 2016 / 20 min

About a woman investigative journalist and her life, her volition, and her profession in the time of transition.

Woman with a Gun

Mary, Yu Par Mo Mo / Doc / Myanmar / 2016 / 20 min

About a tough ethnic Rawan woman in Putao region.

National Competition For Aung San Suu Kyi award and Vaclav Havel library award

A Good Woman

Hnin Darle Lin, Charmaine Poh/ Doc/ Myanmar / 2016 / 25 min

A Good Woman explores the lives of three women in the midst of a changing Yangon. Through the eyes of a budding journalist, a contemporary artist, and a women’s rights activist, the documentary is a composition of perspectives stitched together in an episodic format to paint a portrait of womanhood. It is one that wrestles with the tensions that come with being at the confluence of change - the past and the future, tradition and modernity, the lessons that we have learnt, and those we have to unlearn.

A Peaceful Land

Sai Kong Kham, Lamin Oo/ Doc / Myanmar /2016 / 21 min

In 2005, Myanmar government started a nation-wide campaign to plant Physic Nut – a toxic bush-like tree – for biodiesel production. It was considered “a national duty” to grow these trees. The country was to plant eight million acres within three years. This radical program resulted in land confiscations and forced labor all over the country. Faced with these hardship and injustice, four courageous farmers from Nat Mauk (Magway Division) stood up against the authorities and fought for their rights and their land.


Wai Yum/ Doc/ Myanmar / 2016 / 27 min

About the hardship faced by the locals near the government-sanctioned lead factory in Dawei, Tanninthari Region.

Dams Drugs and Democracy

Jack Aung/ Doc / Myanmar / 2015 /60 min

A giant dam is planned at the beginning point of Ayeyawaddy River, causing many displacements. The negative environmental impacts will also affect the downstream communities, causing public outcries and leading to the temporary halting of the project. This film documents the link between the dam and the Kachin people, as well as damages caused by the over 50-year struggle for the control of Kachin region’s rich resources.


Panha S. Theng/ Doc / Myanmar / 2016/
43 min

This film depicts the effects of civil war in Kyauk Mae township in Shan State, Myanmar.


Min Min Hein/ Doc/ Myanmar / 2015 / 19 min

A portrait of a society in which monks and teachers and students at a rural monastery school help each other out, share knowledge, love one another, and take responsibility for each other.

In the Circle

Aung Kyaw Htwe/ Doc / Myanmar / 2015 / 12 min

A documentary about a manual Ferris wheel operator at the temple festivals, his job, and his life.

Lovely Bone

Nwaye Zar Che Soe/ Doc/ Myanmar / 2015 /17 min

The documentary which will highlight the struggles and surroundings faced by a disabled bread-winner from the rural area, the supports of his wife, the attitudes towards their disabled father by the children who have no right to choose parents as well as the strong bonds of attachment in the family.

Mother and Son

Thwe Thwe Myo Nyunt / Doc / Myanmar / 2015 / 17 min

Many youths and students participated in the 1988 uprising, a very important historical event in Myanmar. The government brutally crushed the movement, leading many students to their deaths and imprisonments and torture. After the transition to Democracy in 2015, the students who protested over educational reforms were once again handled with forced. One of the student’s mother, DawMyaMya Aye, recounts her and her son’s experiences.

Moving Towards Unity

Heizmann, Koerner/ Doc/ Myanmar / 2015 / 14 min

The different roles of men and women still determine daily life in the Myanmar Ayeyarwaddy Delta. Women are busy in the households and in the fields, while men take all the decisions. Girls’ education is still neglected, being both result and reason for women not actively participating in public life. But change is in the air. Many families respond to the possibilities that come with change. And some families make use of their own possibilities to bring this change about. This movie visits families and local leaders in three villages in Bogale Township. Men and women talk about their life, their gender roles, their views and wishes. Strong women and considerate men pioneer new behaviors, paving the way for more gender equality in the future.

My Dear Tharamuu

Kyal Yi Lin Six/ Doc/ Myanmar / 2016 / 30 min

My Dear Tharamuu is the story of a young Karen teacher who teaches Karen language in a rural area. Argnets, a Karen teacher, lacks formal education and she has to fight the challenges of society. It is a piece on her personal journey, the challenging ways of her fight, her beliefs and her life.

My Son

Soe Moe Aung/ Doc / Myanmar / 2015 /
23 min

A portrait of a young man who was recruited as a child soldier, his relationship with his mother, their problems and hopes.

Public Bullet

Moore Thit Sett Htoon / Documentary /
20 min

If “Than Chat” is a Burmese heritage,
A Than Chat artist is a people’s weapon.
Than Chat is a people’s bullet

Story Teller

Lei Lei Aye / Doc / Myanmar / 2016 / 20 min

About a young man, a former private tutor, who started getting interested in politics after 2007's Saffron Revolution. He later becomes a volunteer educator and storyteller with his unique "edutainment" approach. His story telling art not only entertains the children, but also enables to perceive himself as an artist engaged in an ongoing art process..

The Little Finger

Shune Lei Thar, Kaung Myat Thu Kyaw, Saw Reagan/ Doc / Myanmar / 2016 / 35 min

Shot during the 2015 election, a portrait of a female Parliamentary candidate and an ordinary woman in the context of the change brought about the little fingers of the voters.

The man Who sells Luck

The Creative Playground / Doc/ Myanmar / 2016 / 18 min

The Man Who Sells Luck” takes a closer look into the life and hope of a 78-year old retiree. His story, in a way, mirrors the condition of ‘old people who need social protection’ from the Myanmar government

The Voices of Nam Khone

Sein Lin/ Doc/ Myanmar/ 2016 / 20 min

Alike creature, every river has its value and dignity. To attain sustainable development, everyone should be fully informed about any development project which could affect their life. However, the local villagers have not been informed about proposed Mong Ton hydropower project on the Than Lwin river, which will be the biggest dam in Southeast Asia. Thus, Nang Sam Pao Hom, 17 years old a young local lady reveals the real situation in the ground and the concerns of the river citizens through her participatory approach research.

Unsilent Potato

Sein Lyan Tun / Doc / Myanmar / 2016 /
42 min

In 2014, a young disabled Karen girl named 'Potato' was raped by her neighbor, a married man who was later accused for the said crime. The rape case was nonetheless dismissed. After making a firm decision, her family attempted to raise awareness for women's rights and disability rights, so they let the world know her daughter's devastating story. Potato can't even speak to voice her feelings but expresses her pain by drawing sketches. That's how she describes her deep sorrow, despair and frustration. The trial is still ongoing.


Ko Jet, Htet Aung San, Phyo Zayar Kyaw/ Doc / Myanmar / 2016 / 45 min

A part of one of the biggest corruption sites in Myanmar.

We are Able

Shune Lei Thar, Kaung Myat Thu Kyaw, Saw Reagan, Sett Paing Aung / Doc / Myanmar / 2016 / 38 min

Disabled or not, everyone is a human. This film portrays the lives of people who are hearing impaired, legally blind, suffering from Down syndrome, etc

Women & Win

Gar Gyi/ Doc / Myanmar / 2016 / 33 min

The chronicle of the election campaign trail of NLD Party’s Insein Parliamentary Representative NawHlaHlaSoe, the difficulties she faces before and even during the elections all the way until her electoral victory.

Peter Wintonick Award (Student Films)

Little Sons

Sai Whira Linn Khant, Yu Par Mo Mo,
Nay Chi
/ Doc / Myanmar / 2016 / 23min

About three street kids who spend their lives sniffing glue.

Valley Flower

Lei Lei Aye, Ye Kyaw Thu,Mai May Sakrwah / Doc / Myanmar / 2016 / 19 min

Why are the hill tribes engaged in opium cultivation?

Missing Footprint

Mary, Pyae Shine Ko, Min Thiha / Doc / Myanmar / 2016 / 25 min

About a veteran who sacrificed a leg for his country.

What’s on your Mind?

Sithu Soe, Aung San, Myat Ei Mon/ Doc/ Myanmar / 2016 / 19 min

About the first three people in Myanmar to be persecuted for what they have written, shared, posted on the social media.