Production (2014)

Article 18:The Movie

Min Than Oo, Sein Lin, Khin Su Kyi

Duration: 20 min

In 2012, Myanmar’s Reformation Period, Article-18 of the Peaceful Assembly Act was passed. Under that article, a student leader named De Nyein Lin and pro-peace activists named May Sabae Phyu and Phway Yu Mon were unjustly arrested by the government. This film documents how the authority use Article-18 as a weapon to persecute the activists and abuses human rights, and how the people fought back. It covers the events that took place until the early 2014.

The Open Sky

Kyal Yie Lin Six , Lynn Satt New, Phyo Zayar Kyaw

Duration: 20 min

The film follows a woman who visits her Muslim aunt whose house gets burned down during Meiktila’s ethno-religious conflicts. It documents the aunt’s view of the conflicts, the events that took places, and a Buddhist friend of the aunt’s who helped her in the conflict, and their views on the conflict and towards each other.


Pyae Zaw Phyo, Mine Aung Linn Htun , Nway Zar Che Soe

Duration: 24 min

A Young woman who becomes disabled since childhood. Many hardships she had to overcome. Discriminations she faced. No matter what, She does not give up and leads an effort to create a barrier-free society not just for herself, but also for other disabled people, as well as to eliminate any forms of discrimination. It is about a woman who never gives up and takes her each step with full of strength.

No Music is an Island

Aung Myint Myat Cho, Bo Thet Htun, Kaung Sint

Duration: 30 min

Synopsis: It’s about an activist musician in Myanmar.

Bamboo Girl

Lynnsatt Nwe

Duration: 20 min

An 11-year-old girl earns money to support the whole family by hitting bamboo as a musical and singing on the street. Her elder sister, who is attending grade two feels ashamed about that job and never follow with the younger sister. When their family faces economic crisis, the girl chooses a way to solve this. Although she knows how education is important to make her dream comes true…………